Some Past Workshops:

Journaling For Healing

Writing the Word, Healing the Heart


Writing From Your Sacred Source

The Ready Writer

How To Begin

My workshops can be customized to meet the needs, concerns and/or themes of your group or organization.


China presentation October 2016 at the Children's Library 

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Writing the Rage, Healing the Soul

During the past year I was designated Los Angeles Poet-in-Residence by the Department of Cultural Affairs, and received a commission to create a sculpture for City Hall's official Poetry and Literature Month ceremony. Additionally, I completed several teaching artist residencies, created four art installations and new poems. 

  Writing workshops have been conducted with: 

 - Ninth grade gifted students

 - Veterans

 - At-risk high school students  

 - A midlife women's circle

 - An LGBTQI group

 - Homeless men and women at a shelter

 - Succulent Storytelling group

 - Juveniles at a detention center

My Succulent Storytelling: Writing Beyond Definition workshop was conducted at the International Women's Writing Guild conference in Allentown, PA

   Ask about bringing this powerful series to your group.

I ♡ POETS & WRITERS - Leaders Retreat in Los Angeles, CA

"Each creative assignment deepened my passion for writing
​and fed my hunger for spiritual awareness."
- Gloria Wade Gayles

Dorothy Randall  Gray