The book is out & the rave reviews are in!

"Quite fabulous! It's dramatic, funny, sexy, sad, poignant, and

so many more things, housed together in a collection of poetry that touches on many familiar themes of human experience. Highly recommended!"    Kathy Fuller, Confessions

"Some writers' poetry touches you and leaves but Dorothy Randall Gray's poetry goes deep into the bone. And while deep inside it becomes the marrow by which you can constantly feed and grow emotionally and spiritually."                  Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Tell Me Something About Buddhism,
             The Black Angel Cards

"Dorothy has that thing that cannot be taught, that must simply

be possessed, a voice of her own. Witty, wise, ironic when irony

is called for - this is a voice that deserves, even needs to be heard. She is a gifted storyteller who understands how to pull a reader in and keep that reader transfixed. She has stories to tell, things to say and insights to share."                     Alice Orr, No More Rejections

"It's a dip-in-the-hip Temptations walk salsa, a Black Woman dance steeped in scent and sound. Like the Vaseline on ashy

legs she reminds us about, Dorothy’s lines slather you with memory then grab you, running toward all the reasons we

hold on to life."     S. Pearl Sharp, Higher Ground 

"Some people can string together words that make me go YES, make the words sing, allow each word to become its own story/ song allowing me to savor each phrase. Each time I turn a page of Sharing The Same Sky I sense-feel-touch-taste every word.
                             Gayle Fuhr, Grandma Ruby & Me


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Soul Between the Lines:
Freeing Your Creative Spirit Through Writing
[out of print but still available in various online bookstores]

by Dorothy Randall Gray

​In the tradition of Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way", Gray presents an empowering, creative technique which shows how to use the spirit as a source of creativity, transformation, and empowerment--and have fun in the process .

Dorothy Randall  Gray


Lower East Side Sonata

          for Laurie Carlos

Lower East Side

Fulton Fish Market, Chinatown, Little Italy Melting pot of immigrant stew

Old ways in the New World in New York City The ice man, the junk man, Fuller Brush man 

     organ grinder with dancing monkey

Knish man pushing pillowed potatoes

Blue Laws close stores

Only Orchard Street opens on Sundays

     Jewish merchants beg me to buy

The first customer brings luck

They teach me how to bargain

I take what I learned

To Jamaica, Brazil, India and Iceland

Lower East Side

Smith Projects a place of pride

     across the river from Brooklyn

Seventeen floors of high hopes

A step up from the five story walk-up

      bathtub-in-the-kitchen tenements

Across the street...